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Okay, I think I figured out part of the problem. The installer skips past the destination select, no matter what I do. So, it's installing for all users, which I can't do, because one of the users is "admin" so, obviously, I'd need the admin password. Gosh you people are really stupid, just read everything above and stop asking every 5 seconds how to!! I have the same 'issue' as ee, I have followed the instructions and have no option to click to run in bit, just 'Open in Rosetta'.

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Does anyone have any further advice for those in this position? Thank you in advance. How do you download them? I really want them but I don't know how to download them. Help me please! If you don't buy a mac that has the inbuilt camera, you can still download an app that is almost identical to photo booth but with a few little differences, and it will take photos with your plug-in webcam or camera.

Add more effects to Photo Booth and iChat

Here is the link to the web site where you can download it: Hey, guys I've downloaded both, cat eye and the other one. Cat eye works great but some of the other ones are divided by a green bar.. The CatEye Effects do not show up in the compositions folder with the rest of the effects, nor can i find them anywhere on my mac, and yet they show up in photobooth and make it crash and the like. But there doest seem to be a compositions folder and I dont know what do.

Could I please get some help with this. Just buy a plug-in webcam, and it should allow you to take photos using it. Due to the large amount of comments, I am not able to answer each one individually.

Free Photo Booth Effects: How to Download 's of Effects for Editing Photos on Your Mac

The article is pretty self-explanatory. Each effect set comes with its own installer. Do not overload PhotoBooth with a lot of effects at once because it will try to parse everything during which time your Mac might experience some unresponsiveness. To remove, just delete the effects from the aforementioned folders where it has been installed into. I want to uninstall the effects, because they are making my macbook extremely slow. I have deleted everything off of my computer, and the effects are no longer nor ever were in my compositions folder but they are still showing up.

Any advice?

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Please read the article above regarding the Compositions folder. The Compositions folder is in your root drive hard disk not your home folder the one with your username. Nothing this guy has said has helped me at all, so i figured it out by myself. The latter is where i found all mine, not in Systems like people say.

Hope this helps. Bent Pels - optical image distortion with a twist. BoobToob - a set of TV screen effects. FewTile - tiled-images effect. Razan how did you download it The Compositions library is in your root drive hard disk not your home folder the one with your username. What do you think about http: You can delete everything to get your Photo Booth running properly again. HowTokillmusic Gmail.

Which set is that?

Tips & Tricks: Photobooth for Mac

Please let me know thanks. That would be the Obamafy effect http: You should add one set, start Photo Booth, click on the effects and let them load.


After that you may add more effects. Those are the effects.

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  • Then, you'll need to load the effects a few at a time. That lessens the burden on Photo Booth to render the graphics. Having same problem as Bob above me. I now understand how I should have installed it properly, but what do I do now that the damage is done? How can I make photoshop work normally again? Each time I try to use an effect photoshop closes.

    It's actually quite easy, you'll need to remove the effects. Try removing until you find that Photo Booth works again, then re-add the effects slowly. I did this, and I can NOT find my photobooth. I checked everywhere. I need help with this. I can't find it! It lets you compare your original against the newly created image.. The result are remarkable. Nothing could be easier and more difficult to choose the best one s as they are all great: I will diffenitly reomend this App to all my friends, both ones into photography and not as it is so simple to use. Easier then a Phone app on my computer.

    Thank you! They're the SAME files, and i've tested using the exact same photos to be sure that it wasn't a problem with a specifically corrupt image, and I still have the problem. Note - It seemed to work fine when i first downloaded it ages ago, but that was with my old camera Nikon. This app was awesome used it all the time but now with recent updates to Sierra it will not function correctly. If the company cares on the success with this application they will work on an update that fixes all the current issues and if they do and everythingstarts to work i will easily give this app 5 stars.

    Prior to it acting up i would use these filters all the time, its easy to use and very straight forward. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. More Photo Booth effects Because of the slim chance that an effect may cause a crash, I suggest testing each before editing the next or do them in small batches.

    This makes recovery easier if you do experience a crash. So what happens if you have a crash after adding these effects? Say Photo Booth or iChat quit then refuse to launch, or maybe your machine kernel panics gray and white screen appears, telling you you must reboot? The actual fix is what you might have guessed: Fifth-generation iPod nano.

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